In seara asta mi-am dat seama ca Iubesc. Imi rade fiinta si EU-l si lumea o gust altfel. Iubesc. Si rad. Iubesc. Si rad. Iubesc. Si rad. Iubesc. Altfel decat pana acum. Sunt fericita.

N-au sa inteleaga decat cei mai iscusiti. 

Multumesc din toata aceasta fiinta si EU unei femei extrem de speciale in dezvoltarea si transformarea mea de pana acum, pentru ca m-a ajutat sa inteleg ca e Iubire.



…because he is so beautiful inside and outside. because he makes me smile like no one has before, because he knows how to listen, because with one look he can make me fly, because he cooks like a French Chef, because when he calls me ” baby” the whole world gets a meaning, because he is passionate and he doesn’t complain, because I feel so damn special, because he cares, because when I was sick he drove with more than 90 KM to the nearest city to bring medication, because he is strong, because he is gentle when he talks with people, because he knows what respect means, because he reminds me constantly how amazing I am, because he brings me flowers, because he loves his mother and adores his grandmother, because he knows how to forgive, because he loves children, because he loved Maramures, because he is smart but doesn’t make a big deal out of it, because he is trying, because when he holds me he makes me feel so safe, because when I cry he says: “You are so beautiful”, because he knows about me without being necessary to say too much, because he helps me,because he has the most beautiful green eyes, because he loves travelling, because he has patience, because he is so sexy, and I have a thousand and more because…because he loves me back, Because he is a man, My MAN.

Happy 16 my love and many more, always holding hands.:)My man